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Andy Shore

Measuring Social Media ROI: Still More Art Than Science

Oct 09 2014, 03:00 AM by

Measuring Social Media ROI: Still More Art Than Science A recent study by the Lenskold Group has revealed some very interesting insights into the art and science of determining a Return On Investment (ROI) through your social media marketing efforts. It seems that although some improvement has been made on the ability for online marketers to measure the ROI of their social networking presences, it still seems to be a bit more art than science. Although absolute precision in the calculation of social media ROI is still rather evasive, the report does illuminate various key aspects of the experiences of major brand marketers.

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Hal Licino

How Non-Profit Organizations Can Master Facebook & Twitter

Oct 02 2014, 06:00 AM by

How Non-Profit Organizations Can Master Facebook & Twitter With the topsy turvy economy of the past few years, many non-profit organizations have been struggling to achieve their fundraising goals so they need all the help that they can get. Although it is accepted that every non-profit has to have an extensive social media presence, not all make the best of their social opportunities. Following these Facebook and Twitter tips can help any non-profit maximize their online efficiencies and assist with their fundraising activities.

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Nolan Wilson

Why Storytelling Must Be Part of Your Content Strategy

Sep 24 2014, 09:00 AM by

Blogging About Writing It’s no secret that creating great content is a must. Content is the present and future of your marketing strategy. Whether you are developing a website, building your social media presence, optimizing your website or blog for SEO, creating a content marketing strategy, or refining your inbound marketing, there is one common denominator that MUST be the focal point – content!

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Hal Licino

Going Native: The Best Way To Develop Your Ap

Sep 22 2014, 03:00 AM by

Going Native: The Best Way To Develop Your Ap Primary brand apps have long gone native so it is time for your app to go beyond hybridity and become a 100% native app as well? It may seem like an onerous and foreboding task to take the plunge into full native apps especially when so many online marketers are relying on HTML5 hybrids, headless browsers, and the whole range of “not quite native” apps. Let’s face it, it’s far better to have a hybrid than no app whatsoever but keep in mind that “there’s nothing like the real thing” and when you offer your customers the full range of benefits of the native app experiences, you too may become a fan of the advantages that only 100% native apps can offer.

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Hal Licino

Adieu Authorship: Google Makes A U-Turn

Sep 10 2014, 03:00 AM by

Adieu Authorship: Google Makes A U-Turn When not too long ago Google eliminated Authorship photos, not too many wags would have foreseen the dropping of the entire Authorship program but sure enough, it’s now gone the way of the dodo bird. In a post by Google Webmaster Tools head honcho John Mueller, Google is no longer going to be presenting authorship results on their search pages and will no longer be tracking that all-important rel=author tag data. Why would Google flush a key factor that they have spent years nurturing in their search engine infrastructure and which has resulted in millions or even billions of manhours of author accommodation and setup? Simple. According to Google, users didn’t care for it.

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