public static boolean signupFormUpdateColor(string token, SignupFormColorStructure signupFomrColor)
Update Colors,background and font of an existing SignUp Form based on the details provided. Return Boolean value true if SignupForm updated.
Signup Form Related Methods

string tokenA valid token for your account. To generate a token, use the login method.
string signupFormIDID of the signupform which you want to update.
array signupFomrColorThe array containing the signup Form details.
string borderBorder of the signup Form.
string headerBackgroundBackground of the header of the signup Form.
string headerHeader of the sign up Form.
string formBackgroundBackground of the signup Form.
string form
string paraBackgroundBackground of the signup form paragraph.
string headerFontFont face of the signup form header.
string headerSizeFont Size of the sign form header.
string formFontFont face of the signup form.
string formSizeFont Size of the sign form.
string paraFontFont face of the paragraph of the signup Form.
string paraSizeFont Size of the paragraph for the signup form.
string buttonUrl for the customize button.
string logoAlignAllignment of the logo on the singup Form.
string titleAlignAllignment of the title on the signup Form.
string introAlignAllignment of the introduction on the signup Form.
string buttonAlignAlign Ment of the Button on the signup Form.
string widthWidth of the signup Form.

stringReturns true if SignupForm updated else false.

download example code

  1. <?php
  2. /**
  3. This Example shows how to authenticate a user using XML-RPC.
  4. Note that we are using the PEAR XML-RPC client and recommend others do as well.
  5. **/
  6. require_once 'XML/RPC2/Client.php';
  7. require_once 'inc/config.php';
  8. $client = XML_RPC2_Client::create($apiURL);
  9. $token = $client->login($apiLogin, $apiPassword);
  11. $signupFomrColor['border'] = '1';
  12. $signupFomrColor['formFont'] = 'Arial';
  13. $signupFomrColor['formSize'] = '25';
  14. $signupFomrColor['introAlign'] = 'Middle';
  15. $signupFomrColor['formBackground']='#ff0000';
  16. $signupFomrColor['headerFont'] = 'sans-serif';
  17. $signupFomrColor['headerSize']='14px';
  18. $signupFormID='484';
  19. $retVal = $client->signupFormUpdateColor($token, $signupFormID,$signupFormColor);
  20. ?>