public static array eventGetList(string token,string filtertype,string filterdetail,int pagenumber,int pagesize,string orderBy,string sortOrder)
Get the list of Events using the filter and paging limits, order by the name of the events.
Event Related Methods

string tokenA valid token for your account. To generate a token, use the login method.
string filtertypeThe filtertype you want to apply when fetching the events
string filterdetailThe filterdetail you want to apply when fetching the events
int pageNumberThe page number from which you want the list.
int pageSizeThe number of results per page
string orderByThe field you want to order by (list / date)
string sortOrderThe sort order (asc / desc)

arrayReturns an array with the results.

Return Structure
integer sequenceThe sequence number of the record
string eventidThe ID of the Event.
string eventnameName of the Event
string statusStatus of the event.
string startdateStart date for the event
string enddateEnd date for the event
string soldNumber of sold tickets
string attendeemaxNumber of maximum attendees
string repeatIs this event has repeated events
string timezoneTimezone for the event

download example code

  1. <?php
  2. /**
  3. This Example shows how to authenticate a user using XML-RPC.
  4. Note that we are using the PEAR XML-RPC client and recommend others do as well.
  5. **/
  6. require_once 'XML/RPC2/Client.php';
  7. require_once 'inc/config.php';
  8. $client = XML_RPC2_Client::create($apiURL);
  9. $token = $client->login($apiLogin, $apiPassword);
  10. $eventLists = $client->eventGetList($token, "", "", 1, 100, "", "");
  12. foreach($eventLists as $rec) {
  13.     echo $rec['sequence'] . "] Event Name: " . $rec['eventname'] . "(" . $rec['eventid'] . ")";
  14.     echo "\t Start Date:" . $rec['startdate'] ;
  15.     echo "\t End Date:" . $rec['enddate'] ;
  16.     echo "\t Sold:" . $rec['sold'] ;
  17.     echo "\t Status:" . $rec['status'] ;
  18.     echo "<br />";
  19. }
  21. ?>